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This is my first blog and I’m excited to Share my experiences and my tips on exploring the world. My blogs will give you insight on where to eat, where to stay, how to fly and what to do. There is so much to see, so follow and LUXPLORE with me!

About Malta

Malta is a beautiful country located in Europe, filled with historical stories and sites. It lies 80 km south of Italy, 284 km east of Tunisia and 333 km north of Libya. Which makes it very close to Africa. Malta is a small country with an increasing population, making it the world’s tenth smallest and fifth most populated country in the world. The capital of Malta is Valletta, a beautiful part of Malta filled with shops, restaurants, activities, historical sites and more. In addition, The official languages are Maltese and English, the majority of the population can speak very good English so it is a plus when travelling.


How much I payed and what I used to book

A lot of people have been asking me about the price I paid to visit Malta. I paid just £161 for Flight + Hotel (including travel insurance and transfers). Yep, you read it right! £161!

I used none other than Luxplorer of course. I used the flight + hotel section of and I searched for a 4 night, 5 day trip to Malta. Luxplorer is affiliated with Expedia and were given a unique link which offers cheap/cheaper package holidays. The trick to finding cheap holidays is to book during off-peak seasons. For example, I travelled with my partner in January 2019 for my birthday. January is basically Winter in Europe. However, you will still get to enjoy some sun so don’t worry too much. The best months to book travel is: January, February, March, September and November. September is cheap and it is still very very hot in Europe. When finding a cheap holiday, I always use the filters at the side to make my search results more specific. I am very picky about where I stay and sleep because I like to feel confident that I am in a clean and safe accommodation. I select 4/5 star hotels and change the ‘sort’ option to ‘lowest price’. Also, trips that are around 5 days will be cheaper. Sometimes you can go for a quick trip rather than a pointless 2 week holiday, especially if it’s in Europe! The original price for the package was around £138 but I added travel insurance and airport transfers. This 4 star hotel is usually around £1000 for the amount of days we stayed so we definitely booked at the right time and bagged a bargain.

Where to stay

We always travel with EasyJet as they are one of the cheapest airlines and specialise in short-haul flights from the UK to the rest of Europe.

After landing from London Gatwick Airport to Malta, We went straight to the pickup van and was on our way to the hotel. We stayed at AX seashells Resort which is located in Qawra, St. Paul’s Bay. The hotel is big with a beautiful view, overlooking the blue sea. We booked a Double room with a standard sized balcony view which we loved. Opening the curtains in the morning was very comforting. When We first walked in we were so happy and loved it instantly, especially for the price we paid. The room was clean and bright and the view was beautiful. The sheets were changed everyday and so were the towels. The room came with a fridge, safe, tv and toiletries such as: shower gel, shower cap, soap, toothbrush and shampoo. By the way, this was NOT sponsored and I truly recommend this hotel.

Buffet breakfast

We enjoyed waking up and getting ready to enjoy a hearty buffet breakfast. (Breakfast was also included in the price.) my favourite thing to eat at the hotel was their English breakfast: scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, baked beans, tomatoes/mushrooms & toast. They had a good range of food to choose from in the morning including beverages like tea, coffee, hot chocolate and fruit juice.

What to eat

We enjoyed exploring the area of st Paul’s bay at dinner time as there are a lot to choose from near to the hotel. Seafood, BBQ, Thai food, Chinese, pizza and more.

Chang Thai Restaurant

On the first night we had Thai food at Chang Thai Restaurant which is a 5 minutes walk from the hotel. We ordered meat with white boiled rice and veg carved into beautiful flower shapes. The service was professional and it was really peaceful inside the small restaurant. They give you a free cracker and sweet chilli dip appetiser while you wait for your food.

Ocean Basket Restaurant

Over the next few days we had delicious seafood from Ocean basket restaurant and ordered: 24 prince prawns, calamari, mussels & fish. served with half chips & half rice – all for €38.00. They have such good platters on the menu and the seafood is fresh too! The staff are also quite friendly.

Luzzu Restaurant

We also went to a restaurant called Luzzu, opposite the hotel and had the juiciest ribs and best Pina Colada ever. We ordered:  BBQ Full rack of ribs €18.50 (includes chips & slaw). Service was good and waitress was attentive.

What to do/where to visit

There is quite a lot to do in such a small country. You’d be wanting to take pictures with/of everything. We went to Malta national aquarium which costed €13 each. You would generally spend around 2 hours here. They have fishes, sharks, turtles, jellyfish and more.

If you didn’t go to visit Valletta, did you really go to Malta? Lol. Valleta is the heart of Malta and there is quite a lot to explore.

We visited the famous st John’s co-cathedral and couldn’t take our eyes off the beautiful paintings and Gold walls.  St John’s Co-Cathedral is a Roman Catholic co-cathedral dedicated to Saint John the Baptist. It was built by the Order of St. John between 1572 and 1577.

The entrance fee is €10 for adults and you will receive a handheld audio to hear the historical stories. To be honest, the building is aesthetically pleasing to look at but if you are not interested in history, you may find it boring.

After our tour at the cathedral we stopped by at Haagen Dazs dessert place and ordered some ice-cream. I ordered a scoop of salted caramel and strawberry cream and I loved it!

Excursion to Gozo

We went on a day trip/excursion to Gozo which costed €100 (including coach pickup/drop off food, ferry trip, tourist information, quick stops and more.

We got ready, had our buffet breakfast and were picked up by the coach at around 10:00am. The clouds were grey and it started to rain a bit but it didn’t stop us. The tour guide greeted us, welcomed us onto the coach and then we were off to Gozo with other tourists visiting Malta like us. The coach ride was quite long and we slept halfway through the journey but the tour guide explained all of the historical sites we could see through the window. She definitely knew her stuff!

We arrived at the ferry port and boarded on safely. It was really nice and sunny at the top but it was windy at the same time. my beret actually flew off lol. This was my first time going on a ferry and it was honestly what I expected it to be.

We arrived at the first stop at Gozo. It was quite rocky and windy here but I Managed to get some good photos.

The second stop was a gift/souvenir shop full of colourful items. We even got to taste some wine.

Our third stop was a historical temple. We had a look at art, artefacts, sculptures, buildings and lots more. If you’re a history lover, you would definitely love this excursion experience.

Our fourth stop was a mini outdoor train trip which takes you through the beautiful sites of Gozo. Take a look at the photos below to see the beauty.

Finally, we’re taken back to Gozo Town and we’re given traditional Maltese food to eat. The food isn’t what we’re used to. However, it was nice to see what other cultures cook and love to eat. I also never realised my love for olives until I visited Malta!  I’m honestly obsessed with their authentic olives . We were also given some strawberry and chocolate ice cream, which was a nice treat. 

We had an hour or so to ourselves to explore the area after eating. However, it was quite cold in Gozo and shops were closing so we chilled in a nearby cafe called ‘Cafe Jubilee’. we drank some herbal tea until it was time to go. I ordered lemon & ginger tea.

Blue grotto/blue lagoon caves

Blue grotto/blue lagoon/crystal caves  are the most popular and beautiful features about Malta. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to go on the boats to see the crystal waters because it was too windy. That’s the only downside of visiting in winter. However, we did go to visit the area. We travelled so far to visit blue grotto, I was so gutted when we arrived and it was closed. My boyfriend had to cheer me up 😂. Walking up the hill afterwards to try and get a bus was also a nightmare, buses take forever to come and the bus stop location wasn’t clear. We just booked a taxi, went back to the hotel and got ready to go to the spa.


The indoor swimming pool and jacuzzi we went to is in a leisure centre opposite AX Seashells. The leisure centre is located in their sister hotel called Sunny coast resort & Spa. They offer other services such as: massages, gym facilities and more. When you enter the leisure centre you will see a small reception and will be given the option to put your things in a locker to store your valuable items and clothes. You will have to pay a €5 deposit (refunded when you’re done) and then you will be given keys. The jacuzzi is nice and hot and the swimming pool is also slightly heated which is really nice, especially in the winter months. The pool has a shallow end and deep end so all heights can feel comfortable to swim and enjoy the water. We spent just under 2 hours relaxing here and we definitely enjoyed it.

What to wear 

I chose to be comfortable and pack clothes that would be suitable for the weather. The weather was slightly confusing sometimes as it could rain one minute and be hot the next. I mostly wore a comfortable dress with some ankle boots, a beret and fleece sweater. That way, I’m dressed for the heat, the cold & the rain. Whatever happened, I was ready! Lol. During this trip I became obsessed with these cute berets and went to purchase a red one for Valentine’s Day 😩. I purchased my beret, boots and brown dress from eBay and My red dress is from pretty little thing for just £5.

Useful things you need

You know I am always here to help and give you all the best tips!

Taxi app – the eCabs app is so handy and honestly a life saver. It is like Uber but with a different name. You enter your pickup location and drop off location and the app will calculate the cost for you to pay. It’s that simple! you can pay by card or cash.

Eu adapter– The adapter you need in Malta and other European countries is the one with 2 points with rounded edges. you can purchase an EU adapter for a cheap price online. Or you can buy a universal adapter with UK, USA, AU & EU points all in one at the online shop

Overall, my trip to Malta is simple unforgettable. I actually get emotional when I think about this trip because I loved every minute of it. I didn’t want to leave. The residents in Malta are very friendly and they speak English very well. I will definitely visit Malta for a second time, in the summer so I can enjoy the crystal caves and bright blue beaches. And I could never forget the authentic olives.

Share your experiences at Malta below and if you would like to visit Malta soon, share what you would like to see. 💛 I hope this blog has helped you or inspired you.

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Video of the hotel room below!

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